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"We recorded Dirt during the Cause and Effect sessions, but even though it was one of our favourites we left it off the final album because it was very different thematically to the rest of the record. We’re very pleased to be able to release it at last.

Dirt is an attempt to imagine the desperation of innocent people caught up in violent conflict. At the time of writing it, I was trying to learn a little about the history of the so-called Silk Road and in the process came to understand not only how beautiful, ancient, cosmopolitan and deeply cultured cities like Aleppo and Damascus are, but how much of ‘Western’ civilisation as we know it was inherited from the Middle East and Central Asia.

The incredible video for the song was created by Syrian artist Yasmeen Fanari.
We’re extremely grateful to Yasmeen for bringing her own experiences of life in Aleppo and Damascus to a stunning and powerful piece of work that enhances the song beautifully."

Words by Tim Rice Oxley on KEANE Official IG page