I'm an animator, illustrator, and art director based in Marseilles.

I graduated with an MA in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University in 2010.
Born in Kuwait, I grew up in Syria, then left the middle east in 2009 to live in London, Paris, Cairo and Marseilles where I’ve been based since 2020.

My work is intensely inspired by the images that I accumulated in my changing life and the humanitarian causes that I believe in.
I express my ideas through colors, curves, patterns and looped animations that I first create on paper then edit digitally.

In 2007, I received my final diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, and in 2014 I lost sensitivity in my finger tips, and I have a disabled leg.
Thankfully I still move my arm and fingers but in order to adjust my skills to my new limits, I have to experiment and reinvent myself!

Please feel free to contact me for a commission, collaboration or just a chat!"

Yasmeen Fanari
Art Director


Marseille - Paris
(+33) 0631071185

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